Morning Routine Chart

Rock Your Mornings with a Routine Chart

One of the questions I get most often is how to manage getting out of the door in the morning without fighting and yelling. It seems almost universal that mornings are hard, and for good reason! There is a lot to do, parents are getting themselves and their kids ready, folks are distracted and the kids may be experiencing some mixed feelings about leaving home for the day. All of this is normal, but just because mornings can be stressful, doesn’t mean they need to rife with conflict.

Here is a quick tutorial for the Morning Routine Chart that has made our mornings go so smoothly for the past few months.

We used to have constant fights, resistance and yelling (from the kiddo) around getting out of the house on time for school. All of that changed when we figured out that my daughter really wanted to move through her morning routine without being told what to do. So she and I made this chart together, for free, and it’s been going so much more smoothly since then!

I want to be super clear that this chart is a tool only and it is NOT used punitively. There are no stickers or rewards or punishments associated with this chart, it’s simply a pictorial checklist that can help remind a child what’s next in the morning flow. It works best when the child takes some ownership in the process, so I suggest sitting down with them, brainstorming the usual things they need to do each morning, and then working together to make the chart so that it is personalized and meaningful for them. They will be much more likely to use it if they have helped make it!

Here is what the chart looks like and below you’ll find a short video showing you how to make one for YOUR kiddo for free!

Morning Routine Chart

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments (or send a message)!

Do you use a morning routine chart in your family??