Simple, Research-based Parenting Strategies that Work.

When it comes to parenting it's best to keep things simple, practical, and positive. With a deep understanding of child development, and the latest parenting and relationship research, I help families navigate challenging times with confidence, compassion, and connection. 


Children do best when parents or caregivers are warm and loving while setting limits that are firm and consistent. This is called Balanced Parenting and it can be life changing.  

I also look for balance in terms of parenting philosophies. There are so many out there and holding firmly to just one way of parenting can limit your options when things get hard. 

In addition, I believe that parents should not have to lose themselves and their relationships to the demands of parenting. Finding balance for yourself will help you be a more balanced parent and partner.

 Whether you need a few tips for a specific issue or you want to dig a little deeper, you've come to the right place!


Here are a few free resources to support you on your journey to more peace, connection, and balance as parents, partners, and individuals:


Respectful Reading


Research-Based Strategies For Fostering A Life-Long Love of Reading

Balanced Parenting Community

Get the support you need from parents and experts who are seeking balance, connection, and joy, just like you! 

FREE Self-Compassion Meditation


Self-Compassion Meditation for Imperfect Families! 


"It's hands down the best thing to happen for my mental health and personal growth this past year and I'm forever grateful."
                                                                   - Lindsey, mother of two (6 + 9)