What is Balanced Parenting?

What is Balanced Parenting?

Traditionally, balanced parenting is described as a finding a happy medium between control (rules/discipline) and warmth. But to me, it is so much more. I'm interested in helping parents and caregivers bring more balance not just to how they parent, but to their lives in general. Because, let's face it, while caring for your little ones (or not so little ones) is definitely an important part of who you are, it is not ALL you are.

You are deserving of a full, whole, beautiful life.

Yes, parenting is part of that, but so is your relationship with your partner, your friends, your hobbies, and, most importantly, yourself. And these things are all related. When we are well-rested, well nourished (body and soul), and well connected through deep, meaningful relationships, we simply have more to offer in terms of parenting. We have more reserves of self-regulation, more impulse control, more patience, and more ability to be fully present with our family. When we have a well-balanced life we are able to be the parents and partners and friends and coworkers we are so longing to be.

But it is so easy for things to get out of balance. It is so common for me to hear from the parents I work with that they feel like they are failing in each and every one of their roles. They feel like they are failing as a parent, failing as a spouse, failing at work, failing at home, and on and on. What's missing is balance. And finding balance in your parenting starts with finding compassion for yourself. Giving yourself a little bit of grace, forgiving yourself for not being perfect, letting go of the idea of perfection as being the goal, accepting, and eventually relishing in, your humanity.


And this, too, is what I mean by Balanced Parenting. Finding a way to let go of perfection, prioritizing self-care as an act of love for your family, and finding an approach that works for you and ditching the sometimes-crushing dogma of parenting "philosophies".

As many of you know, I run a private Facebook group (HERE) where parents and caregivers can ask questions about parenting and child development; but we also cover so much more. We talk about intimacy, identity, redefining relationships, difficulties with grandparents, and self-care. This is because I'm attempting to create a unique space on the internet where people can find support for their whole selves as they navigate their parenting journey. I bring my years of experience as a Couple and Family Therapist to help parents begin to see their families as a system, where the couple relationship affects the co-parenting relationship, which affects parent-child relationships, and ultimately, child development. Please join us, and once you're there jump in with questions!