I offer several services that help support families in living happy, connected, and balanced lives.


Individual parent coaching



Put simply, parent coaching is an opportunity to learn more about parenting in a private, judgement-free, and convenient way. I can help with something as simple as offering suggestions for a specific issue, to helping you sift through the flood of advice parents are offered to find what works for you.

I work with expecting families, newly-formed families, established families, extended families, and growing families. No matter how your family came to be, no matter how you define family, no matter where your family is going or where it's been, I'm here to support you.

Things I can help with:

  • Adjusting to parenthood
  • Parenting styles
  • Establishing routines and setting limits without harsh discipline
  • Toddler discipline
  • Sibling relationships
  • Family-of-origin/extended family conflicts around parenting 
  • Co parenting
  • Appropriate expectations for behavior based on child development and age
  • Designing play spaces and choosing enriching play objects

This work can be done over the phone or video chat. If you happen to live in the Madison, WI area, I'd love to meet in person! 


While I'm an expert on parenting, you are the expert on yourself, your child, and your family. We will work together to find solutions that work for your specific situation, while encouraging you to bring a new perspective to your parenting.

I believe in letting go of dogmatic approaches to parenting that are not serving you, finding what works for you, and leaving the rest.

Through our work together you will:

  • feel more confident in your parenting decisions
  • learn more about the parenting style that works best for your family
  • connect deeply with your child, building a stronger parent child relationship for life
  • begin to discipline without yelling or losing control (positive discipline; peaceful discipline)
  • regain a sense of self that may have been lost in becoming a parent

Some parents need just one session, others find they benefit from ongoing support. Please contact me to set up your free 20-minute phone consultation and we will find the best option for you. 

How do i get started?

You can start by emailing me or calling me to set up a FREE 15 minute Mini Coaching Session. In these 15 minutes we will get to know each other a little bit better and I will help you quickly discover the root of the issue and get you on your way to more connection, balance, and joy. 

Parenting support groups and classes

I believe that becoming a part of a community of parents is one of the best ways to learn about different parenting options, develop deep and lasting friendships, and find support when you need it most.

I facilitate groups and classes on a wide range of topics including:

  • Balancing the demands of family, parenting, and your career with your own personal needs
  • Maintaining (or rediscovering) yourself and your identity outside of being a parent
  • Popular parenting philosophies and how to encorporate them wisely
  • Letting go of guilt, comparison, and self-judgement
  • Rekindling and reconnecting relationships that have been neglected due to the demands of parenting

If your group or organization is interested in covering these, or other topics, I would love to work with you to accomplish that. Whether its simply a guest talk or developing an entirely new offering, please get in touch!