The Power of Enough: Printable Mantras Day 2

We live in a world of "not enough".

Whether it's in our roles as parents, as partners/spouses, as employees, or even who we are when we stand in front of the mirror, we are plagued by the fear of whether or not we are enough.

Am I patient enough? Am I smart enough? Am I sexy enough? Am I fun enough? Do I play enough? Do I clean enough? Do I work enough? Am I successful enough? Do my kids have enough toys? Do my kids have too many toys? Am I good enough?


If these questions sound familiar to you I want you to pause, right now, in whatever you're doing and read this.

Repeat after me:

I am enough.

I have enough.

I do enough.

In this moment, you are enough just as you are. Let that fill you up. Let it sink in. Believe it. Take down any walls that may be blocking it (even just temporarily) and let it in. 


This is my gift to you today. Say this to yourself as much as you can. Print the file below and put it all over your house. Write it in lipstick on your mirror. Steal your kids' dry erase markers and write it on your windows. Set a reminder on your phone twice a day with these three simple words: I am enough. These words are so simple, but also so powerful that they can change everything. When I first started practicing this it was almost painful to say. I shied away from it and I couldn't let it in. It brought me to tears to think that such a simple phrase felt like a lie. At first I didn't believe it, but I am slowly coming to see the truth in it. I hope you can too.

i am enough.jpg

You see, the power of these words comes from letting go of attachment to the way we think things should be and finding joy in what actually is. And this doesn't mean that we can't strive to be better parents, partners, or professionals. It just means that we don't beat ourselves up for not being perfect. There really is an art to learning to let go of comparison and judgement, but it can be so freeing to accept your partner, your children, your life just as it is. And that all starts with accepting yourself. With believing at the core of your being that you are enough.

Because you are.

Get your free printable here:

This is the second in a week long series of free printable mantras for parents. In case you missed the first one, here it is!